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Early Literacy Web.  Kids love it when you read to them.  It's a fun time to share.  It also helps them develop skills needed to read.  Getting a child ready to read is important - a gift that lasts a lifetime. Studies show that the most important thing we can do to help our children succeed in school is to prepare them to read BEFORE they start school.

Blowing Bubbles Web.  Children love playing with bubbles (video).  This summer, we were at Watertown's Sirens and Lights with the bus.  We had an activity table for children with different play "stations."  The "bubble" activities were the most popular.  Breitlinks created the Blowing Bubbles Web to share the fun.  Its a great way to stimulate a child's development.  There are links for articles about how playing with bubbles nutures child development, 10 magical things about bubbles, bubble solution recipes, online bubble resources, and bubble books.