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Some Great Picture Books About Bubbles

Bubble Bubble, by Mercer Mayer

A little boy creates all sorts of fantastic animals with his magic bubble maker.

Bubbles Bubbles, by Melvin Berger and Dwight Kuhn

A 2-year-old approaches daily experiences, such as bath time, with playful exuberance.

Bubble Trouble, by Mary Packard

A boy makes bubbles all day long until he makes a mess and it's time to clean up. Includes activity pages.

Clifford Counts Bubbles, by Norman Bridwell

Clifford the small red puppy counts from one to ten while playing with bubbles.

How Do You Make a Bubble, by William Hooks.

This simple rhyming text poses questions about how to do a variety of things and provides the answers.

Pop!  A Book About Bubbles, by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

Simple text explains how soap bubbles are made, why they are always round, and why they pop.

Troubles with Bubbles, by Frank Edwards

The zoo animals hate being dirty so, equipped with towels and other bathing necessities, they go to the zookeeper and ask for her help. "I am dirty. I want to be clean", they each tell her.


Problemas con Burbujas, Frank Edwards

Translation of "Trouble with Bubbles"

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Books for Young Readers

Bubble Festival, by Jacqueline Barber and Carolyn Willard

Intriguing activities from the Lawrence Hall of Science at Berkeley include Bubble Shapes, Bubble Measurement, Bubble Skeletons, and Body Bubbles.

Tom Noddy's Bubble Magic, by Tom Noddy

Explains how to create elegant bubble forms and perform other tricks and activities involving bubbles.

Bubbleology: A Hands-on Science Kit, by Jim Moskowitz and Casey Carle

This combination book and box includes a 33-page book teaching more than 30 science experiments and lab equipment.

Experiments with Bubbles, by Robert Gardner

A collection of experiments that use bubbles to illustrate scientific principles and properties.

The Nature and Science of Bubbles, by Jane Burton and Kim Taylor

 Explains how, why, and where bubbles are formed and describes their different uses and various appearances.

The Ultimate Bubble Book, by Shar Levine

Soap bubble activities for children which include recipes for bubbles, and the science, chemistry, and physics involved in each activity.

The Unbelievable Bubble Book, by John Cassidy

Explains how soap bubbles are formed and what can be done with them.

A Children's Museum Activity Book, Bernie Zubrowski

One review reads, "Zubrowski is an enthusiastic proponent of using bubbles as teaching aids. The book describes numerous bubble film activities and includes techniques for blowing bubbles and making gigantic bubbles, bubble sculptures, bubbles under glass, and other unusual bubbles."

Soap Science, by J. L. Bell

This  book is filled with experiments that teach kids the hows and whys of bubble building. They will learn about soap, making geometric bubbles, and using leftover soap to power a toy boat. It has ink and watercolor illustrations on every pages, combining good science with good fun.

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Older Readers

Demonstrating Science With Soap Films, by David Lovett

A serious look at bubbles.  This book will tell you about the chemistry of bubbles, minimal surfaces, the black film. A good history of bubbles is also included.

Professor Bubbles' Official Bubble Handbook, by Richard Faverty with John Havna

The book has lots of information about having fun with bubbles.... how to make solutions, tools and such. The book is great for kids and adults.

The Science of Soap Films and Soap Bubbles, by Cyril Isenberg

This is a college-level book for serious bubblers. The book reviews basic concepts (surface tension, energy, etc.) and the basic physics of soap films and soap bubbles. Other topics: minimum surfaces in two and three dimensions, some practical applications of soap films, multiple bubbles, analog and analytical methods, and many others. The book contains some excellent color plates containing pictures of various soap films and illustrating some of the concepts.

Soap Bubbles:  Their Colors and Forces Which Mold Them, by C. V. Boys

Excellent book, title says it all.  It is a fairly old book, however, and may be a challenge to find.

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